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Ozark Trail 8 Person Family Yurt Tent Roof Top Tent Tents Outdoor Camping

Ozark Trail 8 Person Family Yurt Tent Roof Top Tent Tents Outdoor Camping

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Brand Name: DCLOUD

Fabric: Canvas

Origin: Mainland China

Building Type: Construction Based on Need

Structure: One Bedroom & One Living Room

Pole Material: Aluminum

Layers: single

Number of Users: 5/8

The Ozark Trail 8 Person Family Yurt Tent is fit for all your family or group needs. From camping out at festivals, weekend family/group events, or even simply hanging out in the backyard, this 13' x 13' tent is easy to set up and can comfortably accommodate a large group. This unique tent design allows for more comfortable head room while still allowing you to spread out and make great use of all the floor space. Enough room to easily fit two queen-sized air mattresses and the built-in mud mat at the entrance helps to keep your tent clean of dirt and other debris. Another great feature is the seam-taped rainfly. Your rainfly adds that extra water-resistant shelter over your tent and doubles as a protective awning over the large A-shaped door and the large mesh windows, letting you keep the airflow going yet keeping bugs and water at bay. Ozark Trail also missed no opportunity in designing for all your electronic needs. The integrated table has hanging storage compartments all around, perfect for storing items off of the floor and in not only a safe place but also an easy to reach place. Furthermore, you'll notice two additional 4-Section storage pockets that are perfect for keeping everyone's smaller items neatly organized and a covered E-Port for running power to your devices. They really did think of everything! The Ozark Trail 8 Person FamilyYurt Tent is the perfect addition in today's glamping world. Designed and engineered with you in mind.


Ozark Trail 8 Person Family Yurt Tent:

  • Sleeps 8 people
  • 13' x 13' x 92" footprint
  • Fits two queen-sized air mattresses with room for gear
  • Seam-Taped rainfly with built-in awning for added weather protection
  • Windows feature a roll-down design for ventilation
  • Integrated center table for added functionality of groups/family needs
  • Mud mat helps keep tent clean of dirt and other debris
  • 3 screened window walls for ventilation and keeping tent bug free
  • Four-sided wrap around storage pockets on center table
  • Two additional 4-section storage pockets for organization of everyone's small items
  • E-Port for running power to devices
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